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Shipping Containers: A Possibility for a New Life

Shipping Containers: A Possibility for a New  Life

What Are Shipping Container Homes? Are shipping containers really the future of housing? Why is the trend here to stay? Would You Live in a Container Home? We all think about such weird questions. Ain’t we? Let’s dive deep to understand what is it actually?

Container Villa

Remember as a child, we all have played with Lego and blocks and created interesting shapes, designs, and built houses of our choice. A similar story is being weaved in real life, too. Container homes, a concept that is gaining popularity in countries that are battling space crunch, are proving to be an effective tool to overcome housing scarcity. Shipping containers are most versatile to craft into any structure one can visualize, yet are the most robust shell you can get as re-usable materials. This makes shipping containers AFFORDABLE, QUICK to build & easy to TRANSPORT.

Container Apartments

​Shipping Container living is increasing worldwide as the best alternative for domestic and commercial grounds. In any configuration, a shipping container home is just what it sounds like – a dwelling made from a steel container that is used for shipping. From the basic to the lavish, the containers offer the benefit of a ready-made carapace.​

Container Restaurant

Using steel or metal containers as a building material has grown in popularity over the past several years owing to their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense. Records say that homes have also been built with shipping containers because they are seen as more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as brick and cement. And because of their shape and material, shipping containers can be easily modified in different ways.

Mobile, versatile, and potentially carbon-neutral, shipping containers are finding their foothold as the starting point for new homes! We all agree on it. Right? From London to Amsterdam to Mumbai, shipping containers have been greatly admired as a cheap and easy way to provide pre-fab housing. But what is it like to live in one – and can they go above pop-up status to be a permanent solution? The answer is yes; container homes are here to stay for a lot many reasons. Movability: Container homes can be moved to different locations any time and anyhow an advantage other housing concepts do not enjoy which is somewhere is right!

Cheaper accommodation: Not much labor is involved to construct the house, no extra wage rates, and the most important container house takes hardly a few weeks to complete a project. Shipping containers are a very affordable choice for construction and are often much cheaper than using other building materials; usually, they cost around 25 percent less than traditional construction. Imagine a 2BHK shipping container house in just 15 Lakhs? Scratch your head or pull your head hair but this is not a fairy tale!

Besides trendiness, interest in container homes is also part of a wider attraction in saving money with prefabricated and modular homes. Many potential homeowners are looking for lower construction and maintenance costs and why not, when we can easily cut down the extra costs.

Recycled Shipping Container Homes

This is also assumed that container homes are contributing to recycling. The idea about it is using the leftover container to use it as a home which is equally recycling of a product without harming the environment anyhow.

Strong outside, Fit Inside

Shipping containers are built tough enough to withstand the knocks that they take when they are loaded onto. They can easily be remodeled as the DIY-iers can make a number of modifications to the containers to meet the housing needs. They can be easily stacked together and are pre-fabricated making them fast to work with. And using the used steel containers saves trees from being cut down to supply building materials.

Container Villa Interiors

So by now, building your own container home can be extremely rewarding not only financially but also as a sense of personal or environmental achievement. By understanding these merits we can better appreciate how shipping container construction if compared to the traditional procedure, we may be considering and make the best decision for us.

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