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Container Home at CITY OF JOY: Kolkata

Nowadays there is a hot new trend: shipping container homes. Basically, it is modified and re-purpose used shipping containers and they are stick together to build a house! All the credits go to the Designers at Gurooji Design in which architects and interior designers have actually found a way to transform big boxes of steel into beautiful and fully-functional homes!

With proper planning, they have endeavored to design and build a luxurious home for a reduced price of a “normal” home. Let’s talk a bit about this Kolkata Container Villa.

It's a 6 Bedroom with attached toilets, out of it, 2 of them have a partial double height as a design feature so that one can enjoy to the fullest to have Sunlight directly. And this double-height are fitted with six big windows to enjoy the scenic beauty of greenery around the house. And the best part about these big windows is, that they are fitted with switchable glass to have privacy when one is looking for. Amazing concept! Don’t you think so!

Starting with the sleepy zone, where we all dream is our own suite bedrooms, Four bedrooms are on the ground floor and the rest two bedrooms are on the first floor.

It’s not just money that builds a great house. Sometimes, what it takes is a bit of money and a tons of creativity and innovations. So, by now we all aware that shipping container homes have been called “living in a box.”And although they are literally metal boxes, they are far from looking and feeling like one if you are creative and innovative enough. The latest project of Gurooji Design, The Kolkata House, exemplifies such creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to shipping container home building.

Let’s step onto the first floor, which has a big terrace overlooking the pool deck attached with the beautiful two bedrooms and a relaxing lounge which has common toilet. Whereas the front terrace is used for the overhead water tanks, AC split units, solar panels, and the dish antennas.

For a big family, living in this luxurious container villa would not that costly if to be compared with the traditional house. It has a full portion double-height fitted with a beautiful skylight a huge chandelier. This living area has an attached common toilet and access to the four-bedrooms, dining area with a perfect space for staircase to the first floor. It is made of a metal staircase with Steps top as marble finish.

All living spaces will have AC and regular fans.

Think about having dinner in the dining area with a capacity of 8 people which is accessible from the kitchen and the living area! Well, then it’s here in front of you!

Indian culture is surrounded by our kitchen with a variety of cuisines and to define that our Indian mothers need a biiiiggg kitchen. Agree! SO here is the kitchen which is around 200 square feet with the utility area for washing and cleaning and easily accessible from the maid’s room, pool deck, and dining area.

Gurooji design have designed the maid’s room with a bed space, wardrobe, and an attached washroom, strategically placed near the kitchen, dining, and the pool deck for best serving, which can be accessed directly from outside.

To believe, the pool deck is made out of a container box which is 40 feet at the back of the villa. Interesting! Right!! As we all know Kolkata is known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, and cultural festivals. Graffiti is used in this luxurious villa to reduce the industrial look and to give it an artistic look to give it a personal touch. In fact, a nice landscape has been used to support the architecture. This is called a SMART move.

Most of the time we are carried away with the finishes. If it is appealing, soothing then it's almost near to YES whenever we look for our new home. So here the floor finishes are of Vitrified tiles, Marbles, Wooden parquets. Wall finishes are of Paint, marble, veneered wood, wallpaper, and exposed container look with paint finish. Designers at Gurooji Designs, have used the reflective paint to reduce the heat effect. Exposed walls will be fitted with concealed wiring, with spray foam insulation, marine play, and wall finish for acoustics and temperature control.

Villa has parking spaces for 4 cars and two-wheelers with the parking shades and the best part about here is this parking space is fitted with wrought iron automatic sliding doors. Cool!

While entering the house, the lobby has sanitizing fog machines attached to the canopy to prevent COVID 19 and other infections from outside. On the security basis, all the corners and the entrance are fitted with CC TV cameras. All railings are of S/S handrails, S/S wires, and S/S balustrades.

The home’s layout has been cleverly designed to take full advantage of the surrounding pastoral views, culminating in a home that’s as beautiful to look at as it is out of. What else a DREAM HOME would consist of!

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360 VR Video of the Container Villa

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