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A warm and gorgeous home in Bangalore

As a natural material, wood adds both warmth and elegance to any modern home. Hence, the Gurooji Design used wood creatively in this Bangalore villa, and paired it with other earthy textures and hues for a unique living experience. Contemporary furniture, stylish lamps, innovative shelves and breathtaking creations with stained glass are some other attractions. Get ready to be inspired.

Cosy and beautiful living

Sleek and trendy sofas, fashionable freestanding lamps and a wall lined with black panels make this living space stunning. The wooden backdrop of the TV unit, the beige of the sofas and the wood in the false ceiling lend oodles of warmth here.

Another view reveals how spacious this living area is. Gorgeously printed curtains add sophistication and layers to the space.

Stunning ceiling

A long wooden panel decks the ceiling of the living space, making it warm and cordial. And pretty chandeliers hang from it for a classy look.

Casual and earthy nook

A couple of ultramodern recliners offer luxurious relaxation near the earthy stone-clad wall in the far end. Potted greens offer freshness and color.

What a Zen idea!

The circular wall unit on the stone-clad wall has been inspired by the Yin and Yang symbol, and makes for a unique touch. The shelves inside it can hold books or display collectibles easily.

Magic with glass

The massive window at the end of this hallway is a brilliant affair in stained glass. Bold hues like red, orange, blue, and green come together to make the design eye-catching.

Elegant dining

Trendy high-backed wooden chairs make the dining space very elegant and warm. The patterned drapes add to the visual appeal, and keep the sun out when required. We love how the dining space is connected with the living and yet separate for privacy’s sake.

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