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A studio apartment in Dubai for young Indians

Brown and white may seem like a boring combination to many, but is has been used for an edgy and contemporary statement in this compact studio apartment set in urban Dubai Vincitore project Palacio building. The Gurooji Design have managed to make quite a style dent with their amazing design which works in a hint of gold and lots of eclectic elements. Come and have a look at this studio apartment to know more!

Light Finishes in the Kitchen

The kitchen bears a Scandinavian look which mimics the dining table and the partition as well. The kitchen is set in a straight line with black appliances and chrome pieces as well. The space has a common laminate floor in the same finish as the bed so that the area appears large and open.

Modular Solutions in the Bedroom

The über luxurious bedroom has a sharp modular bed that has been clad in a grey and white laminate which replicates a wooden grain. The lighting in the periphery of the ceiling makes for a golden glow while the brown walls shine in their sophisticated glory thanks to the design detail. The lamp is like an art installation with its artistic dots in a clear wiry globe.

Lighting that adds Panache

The lighting of this space truly adds much panache to the overall design scheme. The hexagonal arrangement at the far end has been set in a random beehive pattern which falls like a cloud over the bed.

A Dining Table with Eclectic Elements

The wooden dining table with the moulded white chairs makes for a fusion statement where the city meets the country. The neutral brown walls make for an easy design transition while the black couch is the perfect balancing factor for the grey bed and its movable nightstand, as well as the dining table. One can see two tones of wood in the doors and the partition as well.

Dual Toned Kitchen

The door at the far end of the kitchen is in contrast with the cabinets and the counter tops. The granite counters are the perfect folly for this color scheme as it binds both the hues of wood in a wholesome manner.

Gourmet Space

Design wise and function wise, this space is a double winner! The white cabinets in a matte finish on top can hold many items while the brown geometrical waves pattern on the backsplash creates an elegant statement. The line of the kitchen extends into the rest of the apartment with a subtle partition in the form of a tall white cabinet. This makes it a well planned space.

Smooth and Glossy Finishes in the Bathroom

The bathroom of the space has been designed so that it looks big despite the compact corner that it occupies. The installation of a tinted glass shower stall makes for luxurious effect here.

Grey and Brown Hues

The grey tiles and the desert hues below make for an eclectic sense of elegance in the bathroom.

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