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A modern and well planned home for an Indian family

The modern home or the contemporary palette does not necessarily need to have very harsh and sharp elements to make a dramatic style entry. It can also have soft and elegant bearings that will make it a more homely space even as the design element thrives. Mumbai-based Design Consultant Gurooji Design have made a style splash with their latest offering. This Dubai home comes alive with the soothing white hues that have been combined with artistic stenciled partitions and curved furniture. Come and find out more with this home tour!

​Many Elements in One Space

This corner is between the living room and the dining room. The interesting part about this space is that it has delicate stencil work on the doors, and robust furniture on the side. Meanwhile, the colorful art work sets an edgy tone.

Gilded Linear Arch for Modern Dining Space

The dining room has been done up with élan thanks to the modern curves seen on the chairs and the quirky chandelier above. The white furniture gets an elegant partner in elements like the artwork and the gilded square arch as well as the sheer grey curtains.

Delicate Doorway

The other side of the dining room shows a delicate stencil like pattern on the panels that stand in the doorway.

Drama in Pattern within the Living Room

The elegant living room gets a dose of drama with the larger than life animal print rug sitting under the white furniture. The grey drapes and the artwork on the side give it colorful company.

Shades of Grey

The textured wall has many shades of grey and it holds a mirror in a white frame which matches the slim chrome chandelier in its modern style.

​A Pop of Red

The informal dining space has warm wooden walls in the corners with wooden frames for the open doorways. The white chairs and the round table have the bright company of the red lamp hanging overhead.

Layered Look for the Lounge

The lounge has couches on the three sides so that one can sit around the cylindrical chrome beaten coffee table. The lamps on either side add an earthy appeal while the icicle like chandelier makes quite a statement indeed. On one side, you can see the arch leading to the dining room.

Entertainment in the Lounge

This lounge also holds the entertainment centre with a fireplace built into the surface of the glowing stripped wall. The inlay work on the floor also portrays a rich artistic appeal.

​Graceful and Exotic Staircase

The staircase unwinds like the waves of the sea rather than following the tried and tested pattern. Underneath, one can sit for a while and marvel at the stenciled art that has been created on the pristine white railings. The black artwork makes for a wonderful sense of beauty even as it brings an exotic flavor to the space. The white space is offset by grey and black touches.

For more design ideas, take a look at Gurooji Design Portfolio

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