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A futuristic home in Bangalore

For today's home tour we arrive at the tech hub of the country the green and energetic city of Bangalore where color, pattern, form and art take on futuristic proportions. In keeping with this premise, designers of Mumbai-based firm Gurooji Designs did not merely create an urban space with modern elements; they went one step ahead and created futuristic art on the canvas of an apartment. The result is a contemporary vision that shows us what is in store for the future of design. Come and have a look at this amazing home to know more.

Lounging with the Television

This living room also brings in a spot of entertainment thanks to the wall mounted television which sits on a curved sideboard of sorts. The wooden hues match step with the bright walls and artwork even as they complement the wooden planks on the ceiling above.

​Burgundy in the Bright Hall

The bright main hall of the space has a burgundy and white color scheme which makes for a sparkling and artistic rendition indeed. This becomes art when it is married with the leather linear couches in a monochrome style, and a curves that fall gently to the sides. On top, one can see sleek wooden planks bolted to the ceiling with light escaping from the outlines. A classic fan settles down for some breezy style while greenery stands on either side of the large wall of windows done up with black and red curtains. Art dots the walls in a symmetrical arrangements, mirrored on both sides.

Bright Color Play in the Ceiling

On the other side, one can find bright discs with green geometrical patterns shining down from the ceiling. Underfoot, a rug with retro inspired circles match these discs. The color play is an eclectic one which takes the design scheme forward by many notches to deliver a playful punch indeed!

​Overlooking the Entertainment Area

One can easily lounge around here under the gaze of the emerald inspired discs that throw a colorful glow over the proceedings. At the same time, one can also marvel at the matching artwork that is set aglow thanks to the spotlights set over them. In the centre of the room, a round coffee table matches step with the curved sideboard holding the television and other bric a brac.

​Mezzanine Magic

The mezzanine can be reached with a geometrical niche which pulls you up to the wooden floors. Here, the designers have done their exotic best to create comfortable low seating with a shutter door cupboard at the far end. The same art work dots the walls here for some color play.

Having Fun in the Attic

This attic has been turned into a lounge so that you can easily have a cosy time in the contemporary environs. The futuristic design rears its head here too with the slope of the ceiling which has been done up with glossy panels of burgundy, in keeping with the color scheme downstairs. The wooden floor adds a warm touch.

For more inspiring ideas, take a look at Gurooji Design's profile.

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