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A beautiful loft home designed by Mumbai designer

Living in a loft is something that we usually associate with the far West where it is fashionable to have such a compact urban space in a big city. Yet, this global design theme has been brought home by the interior designers at Gurooji Designs, Mumbai when they were called upon to create a world class home in cosmopolitan Dubai. What they have managed to achieve with this loft like space will leave you spell bound thanks to the play of texture, colors, and layers. Come and have a look at the home tour to know more!

Color and Pattern Splash in the Main Hall

When you gain entry into the home, the first thing that will greet you is this very modern and very colorful main hall. As you step into the living room, you will find a bright psychedelic painting on the stone wall. The stairs have also been done up with a quirky black railing and blue lighting while undulating curves in a warehouse style throw white light on the area.

Framed Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is framed in a shutter style installation with a red frame. This gives the classic loft elements a distinct and dramatic look, taking it straight to the future. The three dimensional pattern on the walls matches the elegance of simple couches.

Zany Bar

The bar is a supremely dramatic area with black walls and a white panel behind the main blue lit counter. Futuristic stools sit up front while a retro style seating has been arranged in the nearby lounge area.

Red and White for the Lounge

If you want to get comfortable by the bar, you simply have to park yourself in one of the moulded and low red chairs which have matching drop style tables in white. This is a heady color contrast with the blue and black walls.

​Contoured Light Installation

The light installation above this wooden and white area is a controlled one that lights up the quirky furniture and their subtle elegance.

​Dining in the Future

The cup shaped chairs are layered with a glossy finish for the backs and a red rug underfoot. The white furniture and the slim table stand nearby for a quirky effect while a large piece of art hangs down.

Animal Print Detail in the Living Room

From this point, one can see the glossy white furniture of the living roomclearly. The animal print rug under the couch makes for an interesting statement amidst all the color blocked elements.

Red and White

While color is the mainstay of this space, the designers have also matched hues to tie in separate spaces. The red frame at the far end of the living room is matched by the red rug in the dining room for a wholesome effect.

The Quirky Main Hall

The quirky looking main hall is a mix of color, art and shapes as it comes alive with great light installations as well! For more inspiring ideas, take a look at Gurooji Design's Residence designs portfolio.

If you liked this Loft home design and write up, please do let us know in the comments!

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