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A beautiful and well planned home in Nagpur

Our next home today is in the bustling city of Nagpur. We are excited about this project because it brings in elements like simplicity and luxury to rest on one neat modern palette. Gurooji Design have created a contemporary vision with many textures, shapes and patterns for this modern home. Come and take this home tour to see the beauty of this space for yourself.

Wooden Textures in the Living Room

The wooden wall at the far end of the living room holds the entertainment centre and much lounge like appeal in this pristine space.

Sumptuous Suite

This suite has a larger than life aura of luxury thanks to the use of many textures, materials and colors. The red wall of leather with its classic pinch button detailing is the headboard for the bed, while the stripped grey wall at the far matches it with contemporary aplomb. The uncluttered space has a lighting installation for the false ceiling while a wooden entertainment console has a golden square for the television. The see through bathroom has a unique look with its glass walls and the doors for the shower stall.

Color Blocking

The use of grey panels in chrome frames makes for much privacy even as the green chairs pop against this backdrop. The red bed and the large wooden entertainment console can be seen from here too.

Bed in Red

The red bed is a passion play structure in this room. The low platform bed is in glossy black while the red bedding matches the leather headboard and the white lighting

Mellow Yellow Kitchen

Around the corner of this white space with its large shelf, one can find a wooden frame that takes you into the kitchen. Wooden flooring, grey tiling and yellow cabinets with a white overall look make this a sunny and modern space.

​Pattern Play in the Living Room

The main living room of the home has many contemporary patterns in monochrome with grey accents. The lighting is in waves above, while the coffee table and the wall behind the curved couch speak of geometry in design.

​Luxurious White Good Looks in the Dining Room

The dining room is one luxurious looking space with a large glass table that seats eight neat curved white chairs. Artwork pops in a vibrant corner while the rest of the room has been partitioned with a grey tinted glass wall and a large white molding crisscrossing the same. The chrome chandelier has a futuristic appeal.

Expansive Good Looks with Plenty of Privacy

The simple layout and the use of a few good pieces has made this an expansive space. The grey panels on the side keep the private quarters of the home, truly private. The rug in front of the entertainment center makes for a rich look.

​Vibrant Entrance Lobby

This Entrance Lobby has a vibrant touch thanks to the large portrait of Lord Ganesha and the pops of artwork that line the two walls.

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