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A beautiful and well planned home for an Indian family

When we set out to create a contemporary home, all the usual suspects come to mind—linear qualities, a play of minimalism, and sleek finishes with spiffy lighting. For this next home, which is a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai, the design team from Gurooji Design, Mumbai, has created a contemporary palette with many artistic surprises. With the use of colour blocking and unique lighting, the designers and decorators from this interior design house have managed to make quite a style statement. Come and have a look with this latest home tour.

​The flow of Design Towards the Kitchen

The kitchen can be seen clearly aligned to side from this vantage point. The design flows in the white hues that the designers have used. The brown tiles can also be seen from here while the main door matches the flooring of the living room. This gives much design continuity to space and creates a wholesome look in the bargain. The niche in one corner also matches the lighting in the false ceiling.

​Many Elements at Play in the Main Hall

The main hall of the apartment has been done up with many elements which come together to express the warm contemporary. In this kind of a fusion style, one finds a homely vibe even as the stark linear survive in the same space. The clean lines of the black couch meet a curved happy ending which makes for comfortable and cosy seating while the potted plants and the wooden texture of the chandelier’s cylinders create a natural look. The see-through glass table in acrylic and the elegant chairs create a modern vibe like none other. The designers have created grey walls with white curtains and leaf motif which balances the heavy effect. The yellow lighting is a bright contrast here.

​Entertainment Central

The designers have made full use of every corner of the home by installing all the vital points in various nooks. In this case, they have used the far wall to place the television on a modern-looking stand. Space has been separated with wooden flooring which is a departure from the marble floors one can see on the other side. This side also has a more elegant bearing with the classic and ornate chandelier.

​Layered Structures

The apartment has been layered with beams and frames in the most subtle way so that they demarcate without obstructing the view and flow of the space. The white frames on one side of the dining room signify the beginning of the kitchen while the false ceiling holds the main hall under it.

Clean Lined White Kitchen

The white kitchen has a monochrome look thanks to the black countertops. The look has been balanced with the chrome door handles and the appliances as well. Elegance has been added in the form of the brown tiles that adorn the backsplash of this U-shaped space. The lighting is also white and clear for good functionality.

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