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A beautiful 3200 sqft home in Whitefield, Bangalore

The interior designers at Gurooji design made excellent use of a budget of Rs. 22 lakhs, when Mr Deb and his family approached them to adorn their villa’s interiors. With an area of 3200sqft at its disposal, this house celebrates a smart mix of trendy designs and elegant colours. The furniture is modern and comfy, while creative false ceilings lend unique dimensions to most rooms. Stylish lights and aesthetic decor accents add to the attraction of this lavish residence.

Trendy TV unit

Rendered in a dark wood, the TV unit is sleek, stylish and comprises of neat shelves for displaying artefacts.

Fashionable living

Sleek beige sofas, a jazzy circular rug and textured wall panelling make the living space inviting and soothing. Decor accents include a beautiful potted green, vibrant photos and a chic freestanding lamp. But what impressed us most is the false ceiling composed of irregularly shaped panels and golden cove lighting.

Modern kitchen and dining

The kitchen and dining have been integrated elegantly in this villa, with modern lighting enhancing the cosy mood here. Creatively designed wooden chairs lend pizzazz to the dining nook, while glass and pastel yellow and orange tones define the kitchen cabinets.

Unique setting

This casual lounge is a combination of whites, greys and dark wooden elements, and is oozing with personality. The false ceiling looks vibrant and futuristic, while the textured stone wall behind the TV lends a rustic touch to space.

Tasteful staircase

Neatly-framed colourful paintings of the same size deck the wall of this staircase for visual appeal. The staircase itself comprises of white and grey steps and fashionable wood and steel railings.

Zen study

A very unique shelf designed like the yin-yang symbol makes this study look serene and charming. The glossy wooden flooring lends warmth, while a wheel-like installation on the ceiling offers sophistication.

Youthful touch

Leaf-green cushions and a matching blanket on the large bed fill this bedroom with a youthful and energetic vibe. Dark wooden elements ensure cosiness, while inbuilt shelves in the corner come in handy for displaying showpieces.

Beautiful and cosy

In this bedroom, bold red cushions and a matching blanket lend vitality and romanticism. Vibrant photos on the wall, printed curtains and a stylish dressing unit complete the warm look here and contrast the white walls.

Explosion of colours

The kid’s bedroom wows with an intensely colourful feature wall depicting superheroes from various comic strips. Bright green and red accessories and a quirky false ceiling resembling the sky take this room to new heights of designer magic!

Right opposite the bed is a wall-mounted white unit composed of some open shelves and some others with bright shutters. This unit nicely complements the lively ambience of this room.  

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