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With 25+ years of experience and multi discipline staff structure Gurooji Design can ensure you of right design solution to your next venture, be it your family home, corporate office, holiday resort or a five star hotel.  


Gurooji Design is an Interior Design Consultant. We offer you a complete design service for your new build/extension that is clearly sectioned price-wise to ensure you know exactly what has been included in your design package and what to expect from us.

The team at Gurooji Design have over 25+ years renovation experience which has enabled them to combine their design flair with the functional knowledge gained over the many years of being ‘on-the-job’ working with trades.

Unlike most designers the team from Gurooji Design have been equipped with extensive practical training and experience, to ensure each of our designs and not only luxurious but practical.

Our purpose is to offer our clients unrivalled design ideas and concepts to connect them beautifully to their next venture. 


Expectations are high when your trade show, convention, or conference doors open. Attendees are ready to be inspired. Buyers are on the hunt for new products. Sponsors and exhibitors are eager to connect with customers. This is the moment of the year for your community to come together. Partnering with Gurooji Design ensures that everyone gets what they need, when they need it so your Exhibition is a success.


Gurooji Design infuse technology throughout every event to provide not just the experience audiences expect; our event tech experts know how to leverage lighting, audio visual, sound, and other event technologies to create an experience that surpasses expectations.

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